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Posted by nostalgiaie on 25 February, 2009



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Posted by nostalgiaie on 25 February, 2009

Just started using, I like the idea, I hope it does what I think it does!

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How I'd spend $1,000

Posted by nostalgiaie on 28 January, 2009

Buy the wood to put a roof on the garage

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Rationalising —PSHAW—

Posted by nostalgiaie on 31 October, 2008

I swore and that I would rationalise my elearning tools! WRONG! I just made a list of them and now that list has grown.

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Blog management how many hours per day?

Posted by nostalgiaie on 28 October, 2008

How do people manage their blogs. A normal working day goes from 9:00 to 17:00. What with twitter, chat blogs wikis and all that, one would constantly need to be monitoring too many things. Say for instance I’m teaching a class in the morning at 9:00 then I have a coffee at 11:00 there is a meeting at 12:00 to 13:00. I have a laboratory session at 14:00 then another lecture at 16:00 I finish at 17:00. At what point do I update my tweeter or blog or wiki? Don’t forget that I have to respond to some emails. I need to catch up in some reading I need to do some research and prepare for lectures and laboratory sessions.

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Promoting CES

Posted by nostalgiaie on 21 May, 2008

We had a department meeting today. I explained how we need to strategically market our programmes but more importantly we need to concentrate on making our degree programme the best degree programme. This would be quality marketing. I explained how strategic marketing of our degrees should concentrate on podcasts, youtube, and other social network sites. I don’t know if anyone heard me.

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Delicious, stumble

Posted by nostalgiaie on 20 May, 2008

Yes, I have bookmarked and stumbled upon quite a few webpages. 300 in about a month, but what of their relevance? They are in such a disorganised long list. I feel like I should start again. I am unsure how to tag things. I need some guidance and perhaps some rules. I see new tools everyday and think that I need to sign up and use them. I’m not referring back to my own references. I pick up new threads every day and follow them like theseus picking up the string in the labyrinth in the hope he wil be lead out. We are all guilty of filling up our hard drives and inboxes. I need to face up to the fact that I’m a hoarder! Today is the day to declutter my social networking websites I will then move on to my hard drive. When I have finnished I will declutter my desk, that’ll probably be next year!

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My Comiqs

Posted by nostalgiaie on 23 April, 2008

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Tools I Use. (mainly to do with elearning)

Posted by nostalgiaie on 16 April, 2008

I am doing this to see what programmes I use for elearning, so that I can rationalise and link them in some way. I thought this would be a list of tools, but it has become a list of things that I use. A tool is more a program like fireworks or dreamweaver, maybe I should include these. What do other people use? How do we determine the best blogging tool or wiki for each of us? How do we interconnect them? How do we find the information we are looking for? Particularily blogs, for instance, you can’t be looking up all the blogging sites.

  • Sakai (LMS called sulis in UL )
  • Undone (project management)
  • Skype (text, chat, and video communication)
  • Outlook Express (email communication)
  • Internet Explorer (web browser)
  • (picture repository)
  • Youtube (video repository)
  • Feedblitz (blogs, RSS feeds and Web URLs email update)
  • PBwiki (wiki)
  • WordPress (blog)
  • Twitter (blog)
  • Delicious (bookmarker)
  • Stumble (search tool)
  • nostalgia and ~roberth (my websites)
  • yahoo 360 (old blog)
  • Zoho (online office)
  • elearning guild (newsletter/organisation)
  • Irish learning technology association (newsletter/organisation/discussion)
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    Rationalise tools for elearning

    Posted by nostalgiaie on 15 April, 2008

    Ok it’s time to rationalise and start linking the tools I use for elearning. I went to social network discussion panel in The University of Limerick (UL) on Friday 11th. Interesting. I will try to get some time together to put across what I thiought this was all about. There are a lot of links in this and I’ll try to get a tool to help me. A criticism I have is probably a general one that I have and includes anacronyms, abreviations, ‘isms, and using a language in the3 company of people that would exclude them from understanding the conversation. Because then it is less a conversation and more a monologue. I digress more about this event is found here: coniecto

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